Pursuant to the Scheme of Demerger sanctioned by Hon’ble Bombay High Court on 09th October, 2012, the Agriculture Division of Nouveau Global Ventures Limited was demerged into Mukta Agriculture Limited . With the development of Agricultural industry and liberal policies of the Government the company has expanded its activities and intensified its area of operations. The Company has started business of lease farming and trading in agricultural products by its own retail outlet or by way of franchisee agreement. The Company is planning to start contract farming and also to carry on the business of commercial agricultural activities including rising of crops and plantations and to carry on business of trading in the agricultural products spices and products such as grains, cereals, pulses, rubber, latex, paper, coffee, tea, cinchona, minerals, clove, cardamom, cassia, saffron, cumin seeds, pepper, ginger, cashew, banana, coconut, sugarcane, jute, bamboo, dry and green fruits, seeds, roots, plants, creepers, flowers and vegetables. As part of the business, Company also plans to acquire, own, hold, possess, manage, supervise, organize, develop, conduct, cultivate, till and improve lands, farms, fields, creeks, areas and sites, whether for agricultural, horticultural, sericulture, botanical or garden purposes or for vegetable or other plantations.